An Introduction…


This blog is a place where you can read about sex, sexuality and sexual health. I aim to write on here AT LEAST once a week. Please feel free to e-mail me any questions you may have or suggestions for blog posts. I’ll either reply to you directly or use your question anonymously on here.

Firstly I have some issues with the way sexual education is taught in this country! Whilst some schools may have an in depth sex education programme which starts in year 7 and continues through the school, most don’t. I attended a Catholic school which meant I didn’t have much of a sex education. By “didn’t have much” I mean one talk about periods and masturbation in year 8 and that was pretty much it. In the UK it is only compulsory to teach biological sex (the science side that you learn in year 7) and safe sex. However some people don’t even get that.

We have the second highest teenage pregnancy rate in the world with 30/1000 pregnancies in this country being 13-19 year olds. Also in 2014 there were 440,00 diagnoses of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) in England. You must also consider many people are living with undiagnosed STIs so that figure would be higher. The majority of those diagnoses are heterosexuals under 25 years old, showing us that young people are most at risk. In places with good sex education, like Belgium,  there are incredibly low teenage pregnancy and STD rates.

I can’t help but feel the quality of sex education and the STI and teenage pregnancy rates have something in common.

I look forward to writing this blog and helping anyone I can!

Have a great day! Xx


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