Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!

Many people worry about pregnancy, but what worries me more are the outrageous amount of STDs circulating at the moment! Young people seem oblivious to infections and diseases that could potentially change their lives.

I can’t help but feel, that people think you can take a course of antibiotics and be cured. However with many STDs this is not the case – they stick with you forever, or should I say IN you forever. That is, if you notice that you have one in the first place. Although STDs are noticeable in most men, there are women walking around with undiagnosed STDs every day because they just don’t get symptoms.

Sex is a lot of responsibility, and before you have ANY FORM OF SEX – this includes: oral, vaginal and anal – you need to take responsibility for protecting yourself as if you don’t it will be no ones fault but your own. As this is only a brief overview of safe sex in general I won’t go into too much detail about different forms of contraception. Yet I will give a brief explanation of why it is important to protect yourself!

How STDs are spread

To get sciencey with it: STDs are spread through sexual contact, this can include almost ANY KIND of contact! Did you know eye chlamydia was a thing? Because I didn’t. You can get STDs in your mouth, eyes, vagina, anus, pretty much a lot of places you don’t want them. The term “STDs” includes more than 30 different bacteria, viruses or parasites. And other STDs like HIV and syphilis can even be passed down to your children through pregnancy and childbirth.

Why put yourself in that position?

The ONLY WAY to protect yourself against STDs is by using condoms, and you should use them every time you have any kind of sex. If you are in an exclusive relationship with one person and you have both been checked for STDs and come back clear then it is safe not to use condoms. But make sure you use something else instead unless you want a baby!

I often hear people say that they are too embarrassed to go into a shop and buy condoms. Firstly: If you are responsible enough to have sex you are responsible enough to buy condoms.

Secondly: There are no age restrictions on buying condoms (just in case you were wondering) everyone can buy them.

Thirdly: The people who work in the shop are not going to be bothered, people buy condoms every day and sex is a natural thing.

Lastly:  If you feel condoms are too expensive, go to a clinic as they are FREE!

Respect your body by taking care of it, use protection and be responsible.


Have a great day! Xx






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