First and foremost, sexuality is about you. Your sexuality is nothing to do with anyone else and is none of their business unless, of course, you choose to share it with them.

There are many different labels concerning sexuality and a lot of people stress themselves out trying to figure out which one they belong in. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, pan-sexual, queer, straight, asexual. These are just some of the labels.

With the pressure put on young people in less accepting families to be straight it’s no wonder teenagers struggle to be themselves. Even with a supporting family and group of friends, confusing sexuality and labels can lead so self-harm and sometimes suicide.

Please do not feel pressure to label yourself! Say you’ve liked boys your whole life and you get feelings for a girl – that doesn’t automatically make you bisexual. Everyone goes through phases of liking different things and different people. Sometimes something may start as a phase and and up what makes you truly happy, so don’t rule anything out just because your scared.

In the big picture of the universe, sexuality is such a small thing. Just remember to be who you want to be and do who you, sorry, WHAT you want to do!

Have a great day! Xx


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