Lez have sex!

Lesbian sex is a very mysterious thing to straight people.  Firstly to understand this concept you have to know that sex doesn’t mean putting a penis in a vagina. In the eyes of the law – sex is oral, vaginal, and anal sex. And in the eyes of many people, sex can be anything sexy! Like doing things with your hands, mouth or genitals, some people even consider getting off with someone sex.

Sex Toys

Knowing all of this we can talk about what actually happens. The first question people ask is “Who’s the man?”, the answer to this is NO ONE! No one is the man because it is a girl on girl relationship. Also a lot of people assume many lesbians use sex toys or strap-ons to have sex. Whilst this is sometimes true it is not always the case.  Just because some lesbians enjoy doing this doesn’t mean they aren’t lesbian. A man is more than just a penis and if a lady wants to put something a little bit penis shaped up there it’s probably because it feels nice, not because she has some suppressed sexual feelings for men.


So let’s talk about using your hands. Like straight people, sometimes lesbians use their hands to pleasure each other. If you don’t know what that means, my brief explanation is using your fingers to stimulate her clitoris and vagina. This is often what lesbians are talking about when they refer to sex. It can feel a lot better than penis vagina sex too, since your fingers can do more intricate things.


Again this works the same as oral sex on a girl in a straight relationship. Again I’ll give a brief overview of this, but if you want to know more I’ll link to my post about oral at the end of this. So oral sex is when you use your tongue to pleasure someone. For a girl, you can lick everything but your main focus should be the clitoris, and you can just have fun with that.

So there you go, a brief overview of lesbian sex. As you can see there is no man in the relationship and it all counts as sex. Although you may not feel some of those things are sex, unless you’re having sex with them it isn’t about you and you should respect other peoples views. If there is anything else you want to know on the topic of lesbian sex or any other questions you may have, you can find my contact information on the “Contact” page.

Have a great day! Xx

Oral sex blog post: LICK IT!


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