My uterus is cramping my style

Period cramps are the WORST. For people that don’t get them, count your blessings, they are horrible. It feels like someone has reached into your stomach and is twisting and churning your guts around. Sounds nice doesn’t it?  Recently I saw a video on Buzzfeed, about women trying out a new device that uses vibration to eliminate cramps.

But just in case you don’t have a fancy device that cures your cramps, I thought I’d tell you about some ways you can help get rid of cramps or at least improve them. These are some ideas for when paracetamol and ibuprofen aren’t enough:

  1.  Exercise. Yes I know you want to curl up in a ball and cry, but exercise can be really good for cramps. Anything from running, going to the gym, swimming or anything you want.
  2. Heat. Anything hot is good, hot water bottles, heat pads, or even a pet that likes to lie on your stomach. This soothes and relaxes your muscles which will help relieve pain.
  3. Sex. Any kind of sex will help, the rush of hormones you have after an orgasm will help block out the pain.
  4. Eat well. Most people reach for chocolate, cake and other comfort food during their period, and whilst that is delicious, it isn’t the best for you. Eating good food, which is heavy in fibre can really help the pain. Also some scientists believe vitamin E, vitamin B-1 and vitamin B-6 are pain relievers when it comes to period cramps.
  5. Stay away from caffeine. I know this may be hard for you dedicated Starbucks lovers that have got a coffee everyday since you were 2 (you know who you are). But caffeine can make cramps feel worse and make you EVEN MORE uncomfortable. You should also stay away from fizzy drinks as they can irritate your stomach.

What causes cramps?

During your period, your uterus contracts. These contractions constrict blood flow to the lining of the uterus.

So hey, periods suck and we have to go through them for a large portion of our lives. You may have known some of these already, but I hope I could tell you at least one new method to make your cramps more bearable. If you are lucky enough to be a man and not have periods, be nice to your mothers, girlfriends and sisters because you never know true pain until you bleed out of your vagina for a week.

Have a great day! Xx

Link to my post about why tampons and pads are bad for you: OVER THE MOON(CUP)!






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