No balloon, no party!

Condoms. Condoms are vital for any sexual encounter with someone and they look like this:

Red Condoms, Contraception These magical things will protect you both from pregnancy and STDs. There are two types of condoms, male and female, this post will focus on male condoms.

Usually condoms are made of latex but you can get latex free ones for people with sensitive skin, or latex allergies. These are made from polyisoprene. Condoms should be used for oral, anal and vaginal sex. You can buy flavoured condoms for oral sex, but I won’t really go into that now as I have a whole post about it that I’ll link at the bottom.

You should put a condom on before you start having sex, not halfway through. This is for the same reason the pull-out method has major flaws, and almost half the time leads to pregnancy. Pre-cum. Pre-cum is a fluid that appears on the tip of the penis when a man has a boner. This can sometimes contain semen, which can get you pregnant. So putting on a condom halfway through defeats the point of using one at all.

Don’t double dip. If you are having anal and vaginal sex, use a NEW CONDOM for each kind. If you have anal sex then have vaginal sex you are transferring all the bacteria from your bum to your vagina. This will lead to infections and won’t be fun for you.

Using condoms effectively

Condoms are great, when used correctly they can be 98% effective, however people either don’t put them on correctly or don’t use them correctly. As discussed above, putting one on before you have sex is the way to go. But how do you put one on? While it may seem self explanatory people a LOT of people don’t know how. Ladies, please don’t think this is unimportant for you to know, surely you would rather put it on the guy so you KNOW you’ve done it right.

Firstly, check the expiry date on the back of the condom wrapper. If it is in date then you’re good to go. If not, tell him/her to wait a minute and go and buy some more. You can buy condoms at corner shops, supermarkets, even from machines in bathrooms.  Next take it out the wrapper. Now this is important. Make sure it is the right way round! If you try to roll it down the penis and it wont go it is probably inside out. So turn it around. However you need to get another one out because you’ve got pre-cum on the side of the condom that is going inside the lady involved so it is no longer safe :/

Once you have it the right way round, pinch the tip. it is there for the purpose of collecting the man’s semen. If you don’t pinch it you will get air trapped in there and it could split. After you’ve pinched the tip and placed it on the penis you should use your other hand to roll it down.

Now you put the penis in a mouth, vagina or anus and congratulations, you’re having sex.

You’re welcome.

Condom safety

Before you do anything else, check the condoms for the CE mark and the BSI kite mark.

CE: CE Mark

BSI: BSI kitemark

Only buy and use condom that have these marks on the packet. But what do they mean? Basically it means that they’ve been tested to high safety standards. Condoms that don’t have the BSI kitemark and CE mark won’t met these standards.

It is often seen in films, that the guy keeps a condom in his wallet. Terrible idea. The constant friction, bending and credit card edges poking it result in a pretty useless condom. They should be stored in places that aren’t too hot or cold, and away from sharp or rough surfaces that could tear them or wear them away.

One of the most obvious things, is that a condom must not be used more than once. Use a new one each time you have sex.

How do condoms work?

Condoms are a barrier method, they stop the man’s semen coming into contact with his sexual partner #semen

Side effects

Like all forms of contraception there are side effects. However condoms probably have the fewest of them all.

  1. If you are allergic to latex and don’t know it, using latex condoms can cause problems like irritation and infection. The easy solution if you’re having any problems is to switch to latex free condoms.
  2. Whilst condoms prevent against all internal STDs, things like herpes can be spread through skin contact, so you won’t be protected against those.



Many men think condoms make it feel worse, so they try and deter you from using them. The most common excuses is “I’m too big”. Ahahahahaha, no. As many of you will have seen the condom challenge on the internet recently or this picture I’m showing you now,

Man, People, Condom, Blow Up, Blowing, Challenge

NO ONE is too big for condoms. And if he is really that worried about his monster penis, I’ll link to some XL ones at the end of this post.

Alternate protection

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Condoms can slip off or break. Just in case this happens, it is important to be on another form of contraception. The most common is the combined contraceptive pill (link to my post at the bottom) but there are all sorts of things you can use instead. I’ll continue writing posts on contraception and add all the links to those posts at the bottom as they appear.

So, use condoms. They’re just the best thing. It is SO important to keep yourself safe from STDs (I’ll link that post too). There are no excuses not to use condoms and if you knowingly out yourself at risk you are quite simply, an idiot. There are some STDs you will never get rid of at you shouldn’t put yourself in that position. You need to respect your body and put yourself first.

Have a great day! Xx




Extra large condoms: Durex extra large condoms















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