Sorry… :/

Hi guys, I just wanted to apologise for my lack of posting. GCSEs are almost over (this Friday) and I’ll have much more time to wrote then! I’ve had a lot going on at the moment so I’ve found it difficult to find time for my blog.

Also if there are any topics you want to know about leave me a comment, find my contact details on the “Contact” page of my blog or send me a message on my social media which I will link down below! I want to inform you about the things you actually need/want to know so any suggestions would be great. Also if you  want to know when I post without me telling you, you can follow my blog by either making an account or entering your email so you get one every time I post. Or you can follow me on twitter as I tweet every time a new post goes up!

Thank you guys for your patience,

Have a great day! Xx

Twitter: letstalkaboutsex.twitter

Google Plus: letstalkaboutsex.googleplus

Contact page:


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